April 16, 2009

One Lucky Gal

First off I would like say how magical my Birthday was. It was basically perfect except one thing some of my Best friends were not there.... Mother dear, Daddy, Nate, Cherise, Tia, Dave, Lucas, Carter, and Maverick. I got everything I ever wanted and more. My mother in-law is the absolute best mother in-law ever, she should win some kind of an award she surprised me with a sewing machine, I've been wanting one so bad. I have the BEST in-laws!
My Dear parents were also very gracious by giving me clothes to cover my body... not to mention very cute ones and a painting to dress my walls! And last but not the least my outstanding and attractive ( well atleast to me and i'm sure his mother)husband gave me........ A NINTENDO DSI! I can play games, take pictures, surf the web, and much more. Mike and I have had a few arguments on whose turn is next, we are a bit obsessed!I'm a very lucky gal to have such wonderful people in my lifes to spoil me and to love me. Thank you all!