March 24, 2011


Cute baby J. and 5 seconds later in the car passed out. She loved Mexico so she was on her best behavior.

Jane's first experience with sand and cold ocean water.She loved it until the cold water hit those cute little chubby legs of hers.

Thanks to these lovely folks this trip was all possible. If it weren't for sweet baby j. Mike and I wouldn't have been welcomed across the border.

First thing Mike did when we hit the beach was set up a time for us to go deep sea fishing. Beautiful day, not to rocky, and surprisingly we all caught a fish. This pictures don't do the size of our fishes justice, I think the camera dropped 10lbs. instead of adding. Oh well, we were there to remember the massive fishes we caught.

That's me in awe at the big catches of the day, not to be confused with a life jacket.

Such a lady that baby Jane, she seriously loves to cross her legs. Especially when she is naked, it's pretty cute.
Mike para sailing, he had never gone so he just had to go. Plus we wanted to see him do it from the beach, he was pro at it. I guarantee that I would have crashed.

Random picture but it is rather entertaining in my mind. Love these two.
This is just to show how good i look in candid pictures, I just really love smelling my surroundings. ha. Note to self I will be in charge of the camera next time.

This was pretty much Jane's life, chewing or sucking on an object while lounging around. Seriously best baby ever, didn't ever really cry, went with the flow with anything and loved loved loved the attention of all her Mexican admirers. We seriously lucked out with this little gal.