November 18, 2010


Jane's 3 Month Stats.
12.5 Lbs. & 23.5 Inches Long
  • Jane rolled over for her first time on October 31st when her GG & Papa came to visit her. I guess she just wanted to do a trick for them. She has rolled over about 8 times since.
  • She talks a lot now, she mainly just says Gooo. It makes me giggle every time because she makes it look so hard to get out and she puts her mouth like a little duck when she gooos.
  • She sleeps for 6-7 hours at night and then eats and goes right back down for 4 more hours. This makes a happy mom, although she is still in her bassinet in our room. I have tried putting her in her room but I start to miss her and I don't sleep as well.
  • When Jane sees herself in the mirror she usually giggles at the sight. She also giggles when I tell her her bum stinks. Probably because she knows it and laughs at whoever has to change her poopy diapers.
  • & on her 3 month birthday she got to go swimming! She loved it, basically she just relaxed and occasionally kicked her legs. She was like an old man kicking back & enjoying his bath.

November 14, 2010

Happy 2 years to Me.

Today is our 2 year anniversary and I came home from visiting teaching to is this little scene, my two loves watching football. Life couldn't get any better. More to come on our little weekend get away not too exciting but Baby J. did get to go swimming for her first time.

November 2, 2010


We Started the day off with these two cute kids getting hitched. I'm pretty sure Linda was the most beautiful bride I've seen. Congrats to the Robison Family!

Baby J. was a trooper she was so good the whole day, sleeping through most of the festivities.

Except when it was her time to shine in her Little Mermaid costume. I put it on her and she immediately started coo-ing. I think she felt really cool and pretty dressing up.

After the wedding we headed up to Park City for our tradition of Halloween in P.C. It was a lot of fun we had some friends up for a little bit of costumes, games, & food. All in all it was a pretty good day shared with some great people!