April 26, 2011


Baby J. woke up ready for Easter Sunday.

Miss Jane was thrilled with her goodies from the Easter Bunny, she especially loved her sparkly pink shoes.

A little Easter snuggle from Grandpa.

We thought Carter wouldn't be too fond of Baby J. but it turns out he likes her just fine.
Mom hid two money eggs in the front for the adults to find. Mike and I did all we could to find both those eggs. Sorry Becky + Cherise for the loving pushes from us.

Jane couldn't decide what was more exciting, finding herself in the window or shoving an egg in her mouth.
Its been five years since I've been able to be home for Easter and boy was it good to be back. Everyone was here too, so it made it double the fun and double the crazy.

April 9, 2011


This little gal has been teething (one has cut through and boy is it sharp) hence the masive amount of drool in about every photo, and the traces of drool on anyone that picks her up. But through all of that she is one happy camper especially when she gets to help me with laundry. Baby J. is so fascinated by me doing laundry, but today we spiced things up by changing her location ... the basket. She was in love.

After we got all of our Saturday chores done we were off to the Bijiou Market for the second day in a row.

Here are some of my good finds.

I also got an old desk for Mike's graduation gift that I'm going to spruce up, pictures to come later. But boy am I excited for that project. Besides the fact that Mike left his girls to go snowboarding we had a really great Saturday.

April 7, 2011


So it just might be because I'm Miss Jane's mom but I think she would make for a dang cute pioneer baby. My friend brought this by so we could try it on Jane and it was a hit. Jane couldn't stop smiling while she was in it, she also couldn't stop sweating but that isn't unusual, after all she is my daughter. But seriously it just goes to show she looks cute in anything.