September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Cherise Lynn!

Happy Birthday to my dear sister Cherise. We love you so much and you have been a great older sister, you are one of my favorite sisters. ( That is quite the accomplishment since I only have two and both are so cool that they both are my favorites) We are sad we are not there to celebrate with you and party it up. But know that Mike and I did go out to celebrate your birthday by seeing the movie FAME! We enjoyed it and we were very thankful for you being born on the day of the opening so we could see such an inspiring flick. If you were here we would have taken you with us but instead we took you in our hearts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERISE! WE LOVE YOU!

September 22, 2009

Baby Shower

So our little Glo had a very brilliant idea to get all of us girls together, get hours for her internship, and to give back to the community.... A BABY SHOWER. No she is not pregnant but she is gathering baby items for mother's who can't afford necessities for their baby. I thought it was so fun and and she provided such great food as well! All in all it was a success and it was so good to be with all the girls. Good Job Gloria for hosting a great baby shower.... I hope you throw me one just like that one someday.

September 21, 2009


My wonderful Mother in-law was so sweet to invite me up to help with canning her peaches. It was my very first time canning peaches and I loved every minute of it. The colors, smells, and the taste of the peaches made me so happy. I love fall and this was just a great welcoming to my favorite season. I have to say Mom and I were a really good team too, we canned 35 cans of peaches in only a couple of hours! We both felt pretty good with our accomplishment.

September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael Jameson!

Last Thursday was Mike's birthday... the big 24! I think he scored big, he finally got the bike of his dreams and all the cool accessories to go with it. He has wanted a bike since before his mission so I thought it was about time he got one. (Plus I think he is pretty cool and I must love him a whole lot to spoil him.) We went over to his parents house for dinner, cake, presents, and good fun. Then Friday morning we left for Moab to continue his birthday celebration. Neither of us had be to Moab so we were pretty excited and didn't really know what we were in for. That night we camped at the Arches National Park and it was an amazing camping spot! And somehow we got it for free... Mike is really good at getting the best deal. Saturday we woke up very early and did a hike, all of the arches and rocks we saw were so amazing. After our hike we went south of Moab into to Lasal Mts. and it was a completely different world, tons of trees and wildlife. We went up to lake and camped right by it. I was seriously loving my life because we saw so many wild animals, such as, cows ( i know they aren't really wild but they were roaming everywhere) beavers, deer, goats, lizards and the list goes on and on. Our little trip was perfect and to make things even better we only spent nine dollars! So it's safe to say that the Rees Family Loves MOAB!

Maybe I shouldn't have given him a bike.... now I'm # 2 in his life.

This picture just makes me laugh but I wanted to capture our little home for the night. I'm actually surprised Mike is smiling because he didn't think this was one of my best picture ideas.

This was one of the "wild" cows. I was a little scared that the cow was going to pop into my window while taking this picture.