April 12, 2010

19 Wks + A new addition!

This is mainly just for my records, thinking it would be a fun little thing to look back on. This week Mike finally felt our little girl kick, she is very polite about it. She usually kicks right before we go to bed just to say nighty night and of course that she is excited to meet us ( hopefully that is really true, I just think happy thoughts. We are kind of crazy people and I wouldn't be surprised if she liked my belly better than being with us.) It's been almost four weeks since we last saw her on an ultra sound and can't wait till we move to Spokane and see how much she has grown at my next appointment! I love her so so much and the past couple of weeks I have been so happy and grateful for what Heavenly Father has blessed our little family with.

Also..... Bentley Mark Hainsworth has ARRIVED!!!

I can't wait to hold this little bundle of joy. For being a week over due he was way tiny, just barely 6lbs.! I'm so happy for Becky and Nathan, it seemed like he was never going to come out, but he's here and has made our family very very happy!