October 17, 2011


Many hours later and a very sleepy well behaved baby we finally arrived in Philadelphia. I'll say it again, Jane is an amazing traveller. Not to mention we all had strep that turned into hand foot mouth disease, and Miss J. didn't even complain. Love her.

She made herself right at home watching her shows. She is really into her Sesame street these days, not going to lie I love it! I can eat, clean and go to the bathroom in peace.

Our new home!


She gave her cake a nice massage before digging right in. This little gal sure loves her chocolate.

We had lots of family come and celebrate with us and Jane graced them all with her cute little birthday suit.

Miss Jane Olivia Rees is such a delight and is so good to us. I can't believe our little gal is growing up so fast.

* On a very sad side note, I broke my camera 1 week before Jane's birthday so I have very few pictures of this cute little gal on her special day, Sorry Jane.