November 18, 2009

1 Year & 4 Days Ago.....

One year down and many many wonderful years to come. I can't believe it has been one yr already! On November 14, 2008 I didn't think I could Love the man in front of me any more than I did at that moment but a yr later I can honestly say I'm even more madly in Love with him! He has surprised me so much, I thought he would be a really great partner but he has shown me so much more. He is so helpful, kind, smart, loving, and well he makes me humble and want to become a better person. I know that sounds a bit cliche but it's true and I know a yr isn't very long but we made through and I can't wait to see what challenges and joy this next year will bring us.

To celebrate our anniversary we went to the temple ( I thought it was only appropriate). By the time we got out it was dark so the picture didn't turn out well but, the draper temple was beautiful and it was such a great experience going back exactly one year from being sealed to each other.

Mike also got me these books I've been dreaming about for awhile... Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Erye.

November 1, 2009


For the weekend we rented a condo up in Park City. Everything was going really well the boys let us go shopping and we ate where we wanted to until .... We were going to go to the store and get treats to munch on while playing games and our husbands got a great idea. They dressed us up in Brad & Caitie's Banana costumes and wanted us to pretend we were in jr high and trick or treat. I have no idea how we got talked into that but off Caitie and I went while our husbands drove behind us. We were having a great time at the beging laughing, running inbetween houses, and not to mention people loved our costumes! But A little later after we had gathered quite the stash we caught on to our husbands using us so we put this little trick to an end. But we were quite satisfied while playing games that we had some good FREE candy right at our finger tips. Never again will we listen to our husbands again though... we felt a bit used and a little stupid that were sometimes older than the people giving us candy!

It was very dark so people couldn't really see our faces and didn't question our ages!