March 18, 2010

March 10, 2010

The DSi

Warning this gadget can waste a lot of your time! So Mike got me a new game for Christmas and I never really got into it because I have been giving my DSi a break because it can become very addictive at times. However Mike got the game out Monday night and we started to trade off passing these mini games, hours later we had to force ourselves to go to bed. I felt like we were two five year old best friends that were in heaven because our mom let us play the Nintendo. So the next day I thought we would put the DSi away and get to work.... oh no Mike got home from school at noon and we played it all day long until we practically passed the game! Just one more mini game left and it is out of my life! (Mike will probably pass it when he gets home today) I feel really pathetic knowing how much time I have wasted but the only thing that helps me justify the large amount of wasted time was that I had a lot of fun time with Mike and for a day he took a break from his studies and just played with his two best friends ( Me and the DSi).

March 8, 2010

Jump on it!

Last week my sister and her boys were in town. I told Lucas that one of the days we could go to MC Donald's ( It was a good excuse to go and satisfy my cravings) but Lucas told me he would rather go to a bounce place and he made it clear that Mike needed to be there too! It was lots of fun. Lucas and Mike managed to "jump without their legs", in adult language that means bouncing on your bum, it was so funny to watch.

I already miss these boys! Even though they made it very clear that Mike was their favorite, not me.