November 28, 2011

15 months.

She thinks she is so big, and she looks so big but she will always be my baby. I hate that she is growing up so fast! Dear Jane, please hit the slow mo button, I love the stage you are in right now. Love, Your Momma


Halloween was a hoot! I mean just look at that little owl.

 It snowed the night of our ward halloween party so the Adams Family saved the night by letting us come and party at their house and stuff our faces with delicious chilli.

 Jane was really into Dean that night, he was playing hard to get.
 We took our little owl trick-or-treating and she was in love with the glow sticks... until she saw the candy.
 She needed to make sure she didn't drop any of her goods, she is definitely our daughter. We love our candy around here.
 We stopped at our friends' house and Jane went to town sorting her chocolate.  Once she emptied their candy into her bucket she was good to leave.
Giving her "Goooo" face to her favorite piece she found. Jane loved being with all the kids trick-or-treating. I thought we were being ridiculous for taking a non-walker but it was a success and we loved every minute.

November 16, 2011


We finally got Jane her MRI! She was a champ and did so good. It was the saddest thing seeing her put to sleep though. The top picture is of her waking up. She was so funny and the medicine made her have no control over her body. It was like having a 20lb newborn because she couldn't even hold her head up, which Jane thought was hilarious. She couldn't stop laughing and smiling, I think I would like some of this medicine at our house for her grumpy moments.

Right before her she went in.

We had to put her in some metal free clothing and she look like a little orphan.

We got the results back and she has Spastic Depligia, a form of Cerebral Palsy. The really good news is the scaring in her brain will only affect her motor skills and NOT her speech. She did however have bleeding in her brain so we had to get blood work to see if it was old or new. Which turned out it was old. SO all in all it was really good news from her MRI. Jane has physical therapy once a week and she is doing so good, we can really see a difference. She is getting braces for her legs this week so I'm sure I will post a picture of them, to show you how cute she makes plastic braces look. We love this little gal she makes us so happy and we feel so blessed by all that has happened. Mike and I are so incredibly lucky to have Jane.

NYC Round Two.

So annoying I can't put the pictures in order anymore on blogger I need help, so sorry for the out of order version of New York.

Two new obsessions 1. Shake Shack and 2. Central Park. If I could live in Central Park eating shake shack for the rest of my life or a couple of days I would be one happy mamacita.

Can you tell how happy I was to see this little lady. Linda had perfect timing with visiting her sister.

This is what you do on the subway right?! Oh and we thought there wouldn't be any paparazzi on the subway.

Top of the Empire State Building. It was a bit windy up there, if you cant tell by Jane's face.

Apparently Linda had a lot of fun with Mike on the ferry.

Jane's straw trick, she thinks she is way silly when she can hold objects in her mouth.

Love NYC, Love my Parents, Love getting out! So here is an open invitation to anyone to come visit us because we have fun exploring with our visitors.

November 15, 2011

Philadelphia LOVE.

We were lucky enough to have this cute little girl and her parents come visit us. Let me tell you I could just cuddle her all day long, she is so squishy, soft, and sweet. Hands down I'm her favorite red-headed aunt!

Once we got over some hair-pulling issues, these little girls loved to play.

Mini Mike and Mini Tyler. (In little girl form)

Noelle was so sweet to put up with Jane wanting to share a stroller with her. Jane was in heaven and couldn't stop laughing. She thought this was the greatest thing ever!

We walked row house row. So pretty! I loved watching the rowers go by and hear their little yell leader hollering at them.

Passing city center to the LOVE statue.

We had so much fun with Tyler, Lindsey, and Noelle. I'm kicking myself we didnt get one group photo, oh well just another reason for them to come again!

November 4, 2011

14 Months.

I know I'm still playing catch up. Miss Jane at 14 months.


This was post Amish at the Hershey Factory, gotta love that our last name is the root of a very delightful treat.

Clothes hanging is one of the dead give aways for Amish.

I was being tricky with this photo, because the Amish don't like their pictures taken, but their little scooter bikes are too cool. And if anyone can tell me why they don't believe in peddles for a bike I will buy you a treat.

Amish recess.

We stopped at a little Amish lady's stand, the food not so good but the conversation was two thumbs up. I loved going to Amish country everything is so simple and beautiful. If only we all could live like that... but maybe I would need a TV because Jane is still really into her Sesame street these days.

New York. Round One.

Mike's smarty pants brother had an interview at Temple and so naturally he brought the whole gang with him. Oddly enough we all had never been to the big city. So here we are in all our tourist glory.
When I was on bed rest I watched a lot of Cake Boss, you could say Buddy and I got pretty close that summer.

Thats us at the bottom of the 2. Jane asked me to wave her up high so she could be in the shot too.

Lady Liberty in the background. If you squint you can see her. Oh and Jane she is pretty cute and not to mention so good all day. She loved NYC so much she decided to sleep through most of the day.

It started to pour in the late afternoon so we didnt have too many pictures, but despite the wet wet weather we had a fun little time.