May 2, 2009

Some people aren't cut out for stick shift

So Mike taught me how to drive stick shift before we left for Portland so we would only have to take one car. He told me I did surprisingly well! And I felt pretty good about this whole driving stick shift. Two days after getting to Portland and being stuck in the apartment all day I decided to take the car and explore. On the way to the store I was just fine and I only stalled once in the parking lot.... I was feeling great but, on the way home not so much. It took my three times as long to get home and at one point I had to put my emergency lights on so people would just go around me! The worst part was that we have a gate to get into our apartment parking and the gate comes down fast! so I panicked and I kept stalling and the gate kept coming down. Finally the man who had be watching me for five minutes make a fool of myself decided to help me by holding the gate open, thanks! I finally rolled into my parking spot and got out of the car and when I got out of my car my groceries went everywhere! Luckily one of my neighbors was out with his daughter and helped me to my door. I shut the door and the tears began to flow! I quit stick!... At least for a while. I'm fine walking places or maybe if Mike does well I can invest in a bike! Till then a little fresh air and exercise will do me good.