July 20, 2010

It was a bust.

So my change of scenery lasted oh about 4 days and then back to the hospital we go. We at least made it to the fireworks. I was so excited to share that with Mike because it is one of my favorite childhood memories. Going out on the boat and the fireworks going off right above our heads and feeling like they are going to fall right on you, I love it! So I guess it wasn't a complete bust but, the weather was awfully nice the day we went in and that made me not go so willingly. I do have good news I get to go to the first hour of church, and I can start getting up a little more. That means I get to take the sacrament, walk to the pool, get my own water, and shower more. At 35 weeks Doc says I get to be a normal pregnant lady... two more weeks! I cannot wait, my ribs are bruised and my legs turn purple when I walk, two weeks have never sounded so short and glorious to me!
Carter shared my same love for the fireworks, he obviously shares my same love for chocolate, hence his chocolate mustache.

33 wks... I didn't think I would make it this long to get this large, and to think I only get larger from here on out.