January 23, 2011


So maybe Mike isn't quite used to giving Jane a bath... but Jane sure loves her socks in the bath.

January 20, 2011


Maybe I'll start off at Christmas. This year we were with Mike's family, Jane loved the hustle and bustle of her cousins it gave her a lot to look at, the whole time she just sat on my lap and stared at them.

Jane was also thrilled with her Christmas Eve jammies.

The boys woke up rather early and Jane is used to sleeping in until 9am so here is her sleepy face, she was a trooper though. No crabs from this girl she just continued sitting and staring at her cousins. Mike and I had a really really great Christmas, he got the fishing pole of his dreams and Mike's parents got me..... a Kinect for the xbox. I'm obsessed. Every night before going to bed I have to do a dance from the dancing game. It leaves me sweaty and sore, since this is the only exercise I have done in over 1yr. I love the kinect!

Now on to 2011, Jane and I went to Spokane for 2 wks and let me tell you it was fun! Jane loved her cousins on the other side too. The last weekend we drove over to Seattle to see my brother and his family and Mike flew into Seattle so he could join us for the festivities. We went to the Harry Potter exhibit, which was magical. The best part was my nephew Lucas halfway through having a deep realization that Harry Potter must be real because he was looking at his actual wand. We all went with it.

Baby J. loved the butterfly room at the Seattle science center, I however was sweating a ton because they have to have the room's temp at 80 degrees and very humid.

Naturally it was raining in Seattle so Cherise got creative and came up with this cute look. Personally I think she should wear her scarfs like this on sunny days too.

Jane's attempt at rice cereal. Not much stayed in but she did a good job.

Baby J. at the YMCA, she loves loves the water. Her whole body just relaxes when she hits the water. Afterwords, she got to take her first shower, I thought I would have a scared little baby but she loved it.
Oh, Carter put some big boy panties on his head and this is what we got... a little thug. He came over to show me his moves and he just bounced his hip and snapped. We were dying, he's obviously seen Nate do this before!

January 10, 2011


um... yeah I want a mini van now.