September 12, 2011

Virgin Gorda.

Or shall I call it a little piece of Heaven. Mike served his mission in Puerto Rico and part of his mission was an island called Virgin Gorda. (Being married to Mike has many perks) So we returned to visit the island for two weeks. My parents, my Uncle Jason and my Aunt Andrea were there for the first week and Mike's parents and brother Steve were there for the last week. We had some good company with us. It was a whole lot of travelling to get to this island. We flew all night to St. Thomas and then hopped on two ferry boats to finally get to the island, but let me tell ya it was well worth it. Mike and I are so lucky to have a little gal who loves travelling, Jane is seriously the champion of travel. And as soon as she got into the humid climate she just became even more of an angel child. I didn't take very good pictures because my aunt was there and I felt like hers turned out way better than mine, so sorry for the poor pictures but you get the idea of how beautiful it is, hopefully.

This was at The Baths, it was so amazing. All these huge boulders and natural formations in the middle of a gorgeous beach. You cut through these rocks to get to another beach. It was a fun little trail. And the water really did feel like bath water!

Mike at the end with his famous arms out pose.

So the condo we stayed at luckily had a car seat but we rented an open truck taxi so Jane got to ride up front with Dad. Let me tell you she thought she was so cool, but it made me a very nervous mom.

One of the nights we went out to see the people on the stilts perform, it was so fun and crazy to see them have such amazing balance.

This picture is really just to remind myself of how Jane would soak all her shirts with drool the entire trip, it was also probably a combination of sweat from the humidity.

We rented a boat to travel to some close islands and Jane loved loved to drive with papa. It was probably my favorite day until the boys dropped us off to so they could go see the Virgin Record's owner, Richard Branson, private island. It didn't ruin my day until we found out that they hit coral and wrecked the boat.... good thing we were in paradise.

Jane's spot on the boat, she pretty much slept the whole day right there. Seriously, ANGEL BABY.

Night swimming at the baths.

Favorite beach, the sand was magical. I have never felt something so soft.

We love our papa. My dad was the best, we could go out in the sun and he would just hang out with baby J. A big thanks to him for being Jane's bud in the shade.

Mike's family snorkeling, they just saw some sea turtles. Way bummed because being a lameo that day I stayed on the beach to finish a book. Which on my defense, I had not been able to read in forever so it felt good until I heard about all the cool things they saw.

Mike and I at the Bitter End Resort, it is at the very end of the island and it was gorgeous!

Kayaking in the ocean, HARD. Still fun, but a lot more effort than expected.

We went fishing with a guy from Mike's mission and we, I mean Mike's friend caught this massive lobster.

Really freaked out, I really had to hype myself up to hold this guy.

We pretty much did this activity everyday.

We stopped at Tortola on our way home, the building behind Mike is where they had church on the second floor. You can see the small black Church of Jesus Christ sign.

September 11, 2011

8 Months.

Class of 2011. BYU.

Graduation. I know that was at the tip top of the summer but get ready for a huge summer catch up, it's for me to justify not keeping a journal and to keep my family feeling like they are apart of Little Miss Jane's life here in Philly. But really I don't need excuses for blogging right? So please just hold tight and don't get too overwhelmed.

My main squeeze GRADUATED from BYU and let me GRADUATE from Provo as well! Whoop Whoop for moving. Even though we are sad to leave some of our best friends behind (and Cafe Rio) it is nice to be out.

Don't you worry I didn't drop our little gal but I just wanted you all to see an inside picture of what kind of parents Mike and I are and how not amused Jane is of us.

Miss Jane and her adorable cousin Noelle.

This was the saddest part of leaving Provo, saying goodbye to this little lady.

Congrats Michael Jameson!