February 8, 2009

Pre- Valentines Day

I know it is such a ridiculous picture but I was truly so excited! So yesterday Mike and I went snowboarding and I was just expecting it to be just Mike and I.... but it ended up being oh just about every boy he knew. So in my single days this was heaven being the only girl, now in my married life it's not my ideal day to be with ten boys. To say the least I was out of place and was forced to go places and do things i wouldn't normally try. When we got home there was a little making up to do, and to be quite honest Mike couldn't wait to give me his Valentines gift. So here it is a big green sleeping bag. I know most people would be like that's it? Ya my husband is a romantic. I was so excited because it just adds to our camping collection. Since my husband wants to be granola, not really but kinda, there will be lots of camping and hiking ahead! Right before bed Mike says to me, you don't really love your gift, and i just gave him the look like really? He continued with, if you loved it so much you would sleep in it, so I did. He was completely teasing me and trying to be difficult but I just took it and ran with it! I LOVE LOVE MY HUSBAND! It was the best Valentines gift ever, it's acutally practical.

February 3, 2009

Surprise Party for Papa

So i got a call from Maverick about a week ago and he told me I needed to come to his house in Seattle to surprise Papa for his birthday, he really gave me no choice. So Mike and I packed our bags thursday and made the 13 hr drive, quality time! Actually Mike and I love road trips so we were way excited. We got there before my parents so Mike decided to go snowboarding, and I obviously hit the mall. We got back in time for to surprise my dad, when he walked into the house he stood there in shock, It took a sec to figure out what was going on and then he hurried and hug us with tears in his eyes. There's one thing I love the most making my daddy happy! Right before we left for dinner he was just saying how fun it would to be to have nathan and becky there too, and sure enough they come walking through the door, the tears start to flow once again. The family was all there.... well almost, Nate wasn't but he was there in heart.

These are the people that made it happen! We love them so much for all they have done for us. Let's give these love birds a round of applause.

Mike was everyone's hero this weekend. He kept the boys very entertained and it made everyone else's weekend very relaxing. One of the many reasons why I had to take him off the market and make him mine.
This is one of our favorite places on earth!
And as you can see Mike was thrilled with this picture but my Dad paid a pretty price for the family to go to the aquarium so the least we could do is get a souvenir out of it. I love it!