June 28, 2010

Something to CeLeBrAtE

The weather has been really nice so my Dad finally opened the pool and this little boy couldn't be happier. Most of the time he somehow gets out wearing his swimmer, but nobody is complaining about seeing these cute buns!

Mike is apparently really talented, he can launch a child in the air and give the thumbs up to the camera at the same time.
The other thing we celebrated this week is making it to 30 weeks! I love going to the Doctors because I get to get out of the house and feel normal for a few hours. Also today I realized Mike and I have gained about the same amount of weight throughout this pregnancy... his isn't as noticeable but it makes me feel good that I will have an exercise buddy once this little gal comes out my belly.
The doctor said I can change the location of my bed resting to our lake cabin next week. I'm so so so excited, even though I will be doing the exact same thing and I won't be able to tube, wakeboard, or really any of the usual lake activities. However, I will be able to watch my family from afar and that is pretty exciting to a girl who gets up to pee every twenty minutes and then returns to the same old bed to watch TV or Read. So wish me luck in my new location!

June 17, 2010

5 things that have kept me sane so far.

1. These cute boys coming to see me and just flat out entertain me.

2. My new little nephew Bentley. I was so happy they blessed him at our house so I could be there for that special little day for him.

3. I love that is has been really rainy lately because a. I'm stuck in a bed and b. it makes the view from my bed quite enjoyable.

4. My Mom and sister Tia share the same birthday and that makes for grand party. We played some games, got party favors, and had some really delicious food. Mike helped Lucas act out his cards and to our surprise Lucas got really into it and helped his team win the game.

5. My cubby little Carter. We were going through some baby girl clothes and this little boy insisted on putting on zebra leggings, and then once he saw the tutu he needed that on too. Of course we didn't object. It's probably really good that i'm having a girl just for my sister's boys sake.

Oh and this is just a side note but after being in the hospital and being pumped full of Magnesium Sulfate, I love my life in bed at home! 4weeks down and who knows how many more to go, but thanks to my Mom and Mike they have made my stay in their little "hospital" pretty darn nice.