March 18, 2009

A Quest to Kilimanjaro

So Mike has wanted to climb Mt Kilimanjaro for quite a bit and so the planning begins! We plan to climb this beautiful Mt next year, and while we are there we will get to fulfill one of my dreams.... an African Safari! So far my mom and aunt are going to join us, we all have quite the job cut out for us. It's a four to six day hike, so it's pretty long but not very technical so we are good on that! We are so excited, let the countdown begin.

March 16, 2009

What a Wicked Weekend

Mike & I arrived a day earlier than my family so we decided to go over to the oregon coast! It was such a perfect day! We rented these little sand bikes, and they were actually quite the work out. It was really entertaining to smash already broken shells with them, so we made it a contest to see who could smash the most.... Mike got really into it and headed full speed towards a big pile, and smashed them all! As he looks back he realizes it was a little boys collection! He felt awful and that but a big end to our entertainment. The Coast was so pretty but I was really excite to get back to see Wicked the broadway musical!

The Musical was so good! I told Mike that if I could do my life all over he would see me up there on the stage. Everyone love it including Mike, it was really cleaver and funny so it appealed to all ages and genders.
The next day the ladies go to go shopping and if the little boys ( including mike) stayed on their best behavior they got to go on the train to down town and ride the carousel and go swimming!

Mike loves to look good on trains, it's just a really natural thing for him.

March 8, 2009

I wish I was in Her Place Spending all that Dough!

6.000 dollars later I was done helping Beautiful women buy all the clothes I wanted. I love Nordstroms but it doesn't always fit into my budget these days. I worked at the Nordstrom grand opening. The store is absolutely gorgeous! Working there basically consumed my entire weekend. We went to the jazz game when I got off and it was an intense game and I fell asleep, out cold! Shoppers at Nordstrom can be a little demanding, but I guess if I was going to spend that much money too I might want someone to wait on me. The only thing that got me through was knowing I was making money to spend in Portland! 5 days until I get to see the magical musical WICKED. Don't worry I have the soundtrack in my car preparing me for the joy I'm about to experience! One thing besides making money for wicked I walked away with and is no use to me but maybe in a few years when it's out of style is a baby bag! Mike even things it's pretty rad.

So overall working at Nordstrom is good but I really have to admit helping a beautiful, fit, rich woman buy all the things you had your eye one kills!