October 28, 2009

Greg Mortenson

Three Cups of Tea is our favorite book, it also brings us back because it was the book we read on the train rides in Europe on our honeymoon! Weird memory but the book just holds a special place in our heart. Anyways the author of this book Greg Mortenson spoke at the BYU devotional and he is just an inspiring man. I always imagined him to be a very kind and respectful man. When I watched him sing the hymns with us confirmed my imagination and made me really happy to see him respect our religion by joining in. Mike and I are just so impressed with dedication to bring education to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the affect of an education on girls means having strong mothers in the home that won't allow their sons to join the talabans. The peace he has promoted by doing these acts of service is unreal and we were so thrilled to see Greg speak. He didn't disapoint us and if you haven't had a chance to read this book I recommend you do so!

Thanks for the wild weekend!

Our friends Brad & Caitie really know how to show us a good time. We went up to Blackfoot, ID to visit them since we haven't been up there since their wedding, oh and it was Brad's birthday. We stayed up late and ate lots of sugar! We also went to a haunted house, and I wish I could have captured Caitie's face when the sound of chain saw begun. It was classic her face was filled with pure horror and panic, this is awful but I could stop laughing. We can't wait for another wild weekend.

These pictures were from a different weekend but I forgot to get pictures last weekend so here are some oldies but goodies.

October 21, 2009

Tis' the Season!

Ignore me in this photo, it was very late and I look pretty scary. But i guess it's okay to look scary because it is Halloween time! Anyways I made this pumpkin cake and i was so thrilled it actually turned out. To my surprise the person that was most excited that I made such a cool cake was mike... he was so happy for me! He's very sweet and supportive of my crazy baking kicks. Lately I have really been loving the magazine family circle, it has provided me with some really great recipes and ideas. So a big thank you goes out to Family Circle Magazine for this little delightful treat!

October 15, 2009

I'm Obsessed!

Oh the joys of cycling class. The moment the teacher said remove your seat I fell in love with this class. It is the total body workout and our teacher is crazy! She has us do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and abs while cycling. And I'm convinced all can do it, the momentum of the peddling just keeps you going. So Go find a cycling class and join in on the fun. Oh and a special thanks to Becca for being by my side to keep me going as well!