February 17, 2010

Baby Baby Baby!

My dreams have come true! Mike and I are finally getting a little nugget of our own! Our babe is due September 5th! It was our Christmas miracle and I say that because that is when we found out. I got strep Christmas Eve and the Dr. said I couldn't take my meds until I took a pregnancy test. Not expecting anything really I was in complete shock when the result was positive, I took another one the next day because Mike was a little doubtful and thought I might of pulled some sort of trick. Today it finally felt real, I had my fourth ultra sound ( a lot of trips to the hospital, I have hemoraging that is almost gone! yahoo) and I saw our little babe kicking it's feet so fast and doing the backwards stroke with it's arms. I have been so giddy today knowing our babe is enjoying it's stay in my belly. I'm already obsessed with it and love it so much. Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet YOU!