November 15, 2011

Philadelphia LOVE.

We were lucky enough to have this cute little girl and her parents come visit us. Let me tell you I could just cuddle her all day long, she is so squishy, soft, and sweet. Hands down I'm her favorite red-headed aunt!

Once we got over some hair-pulling issues, these little girls loved to play.

Mini Mike and Mini Tyler. (In little girl form)

Noelle was so sweet to put up with Jane wanting to share a stroller with her. Jane was in heaven and couldn't stop laughing. She thought this was the greatest thing ever!

We walked row house row. So pretty! I loved watching the rowers go by and hear their little yell leader hollering at them.

Passing city center to the LOVE statue.

We had so much fun with Tyler, Lindsey, and Noelle. I'm kicking myself we didnt get one group photo, oh well just another reason for them to come again!

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  1. I love Jane and her cousin and they do look like their dads but cuter of course. I can't wait to kiss Jane!