November 16, 2011

NYC Round Two.

So annoying I can't put the pictures in order anymore on blogger I need help, so sorry for the out of order version of New York.

Two new obsessions 1. Shake Shack and 2. Central Park. If I could live in Central Park eating shake shack for the rest of my life or a couple of days I would be one happy mamacita.

Can you tell how happy I was to see this little lady. Linda had perfect timing with visiting her sister.

This is what you do on the subway right?! Oh and we thought there wouldn't be any paparazzi on the subway.

Top of the Empire State Building. It was a bit windy up there, if you cant tell by Jane's face.

Apparently Linda had a lot of fun with Mike on the ferry.

Jane's straw trick, she thinks she is way silly when she can hold objects in her mouth.

Love NYC, Love my Parents, Love getting out! So here is an open invitation to anyone to come visit us because we have fun exploring with our visitors.


  1. So it is official you may not for to New York again with out me!

  2. My heart hurts. What more could one girl need besides, Chrisie, Jane, Linda and Lynnette. I wish I was there.

  3. We love NYC as well...makes me miss it...maybe Andy and Stefany will move back there sometime and I can go again...I just love it there.