November 16, 2011


We finally got Jane her MRI! She was a champ and did so good. It was the saddest thing seeing her put to sleep though. The top picture is of her waking up. She was so funny and the medicine made her have no control over her body. It was like having a 20lb newborn because she couldn't even hold her head up, which Jane thought was hilarious. She couldn't stop laughing and smiling, I think I would like some of this medicine at our house for her grumpy moments.

Right before her she went in.

We had to put her in some metal free clothing and she look like a little orphan.

We got the results back and she has Spastic Depligia, a form of Cerebral Palsy. The really good news is the scaring in her brain will only affect her motor skills and NOT her speech. She did however have bleeding in her brain so we had to get blood work to see if it was old or new. Which turned out it was old. SO all in all it was really good news from her MRI. Jane has physical therapy once a week and she is doing so good, we can really see a difference. She is getting braces for her legs this week so I'm sure I will post a picture of them, to show you how cute she makes plastic braces look. We love this little gal she makes us so happy and we feel so blessed by all that has happened. Mike and I are so incredibly lucky to have Jane.


  1. Oh I love her:) glad she did okay

  2. Jane is one cute little gal. Nixon told me he really wants to send his girlfriend Jane some pretty stickers to put on her sweet new braces.

  3. Jane can rock anything. Just look at her in those awesome hospital gowns.

  4. oh my! you have had a stressful past bit!!! and on your first child! oh being a mom can be so hard. Seeing her "out" was heartbreaking to me...can't imagine how it made you feel. Just as I would expect you are cruising through with flying colors. You are a wonderful mama. PT can really help...of course I am biased being married to a PT but still. Go Jane!

  5. She has grown so much and so glad that it was good news...she is so sweet and has wonderful parents...miss you.